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Date: 25th March 2016
CDM6225 Hydraulic Crawler Excavator

CDM6225 with strong, powerful and high quality engine and advanced negative flow control hydraulic system to achieve the best

power matching and minimum costand guarantee the optimum working efficiency.
CDM6225 is widely used forexcavating, handling and finishing of earth or stones to meet the demand of construction sites,

factory, municipal engineering and park objects. With the optional bucket, the material handling, surface finishing, ditch

excavation and river course cleaning can be achieved, with the optional breaking hammer, the building demolition, road

surface repair and rock breaking can be achieved. The structural members are subjected to the repeated analytical calculation

to ensure the rigidity and strength which can cope with the rigorous working conditions.
Cummins 6BTAA5.9-C
The original Cummins high power, high torque and turbo-charging 6-cylinder direct injection engine guarantees the high

reliability and durability. The charge air cooling system over the compressed air can enhance the oxygen content upon

combustion markedly. The center fuel injection under high injection pressure allows the uniform atomizing of fuel, guarantees

the normal combustion and reduces the exhaust gas emission.
Filtering System
The high efficiency dual element air filter ensures the quality of engine air intake. In addition, the air pre-filter can

carry out the rough filtration over the air intake to enable the operation under the poor air quality working conditions and

prolong the maintenance interval of the air filter. The oil-water separator and two-stage fuel filter will filtrate the fuel

many times to ensure the quality of fuel fed to the engine.